Weight Watchers has, over the years, helped countless people all over the world lose weight. A legitimate question arises. What's so special about Weight Watchers, compared to other weight loss programs? Simply put, Weight Watchers allows you to reach your weight loss goals without actually giving up your favorite foods, and without spending too much money. How is that possible? First off, they have developed a system, known as PointsPlus, which allows you to eat the foods you like without depriving yourself. Second, they often post special offers and Weight Watchers promo codes.

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Megan's Weight Watchers Journey: 43 lbs Down

The following story below will help you to know about the amazing journey of Megan who lost the 43 pounds with the help of Weight watcher program. The story will inspire you to be a part of the Weight watcher team and lose weight effectively within a short period of time.

Megan Lost 40lbs on Weight Watchers

Megan lost 40+ lbs (Photo courtesy of Itsuxtobefat.com)

Story of Megan: A successful Weight Watcher

Megan is a 29 year old girl who lived in the Northern part of Michigan with her boyfriend and a German Shepherd. Throughout her whole life she had been thin but when she started her own household she was slowly getting addicted to junk food. She was less interested in cooking and thus started having junk food. Initially she felt very uncomfortable to share the fact that she wants to lose weight. When her family came to know about the matter they supported her a lot. It nearly took her 6 months to lose about 40 lbs of weight. Megan, one of the most successful Weight Watchers, is still aiming to lose 5-10 lbs and thus fulfill her specific goal in losing weight. Megan, had always wanted to be the center of attraction in any picture but before losing weight she didn't like the way she looked. She never liked to share her pictures with anyone, and gradually some health problems came up. She decided to go for a vacation to Italy, France and Spain. She knew she had to be fit in this trip and also wanted to share the amazing pictures with her family and friends.

Complete change in life of Megan

Her life completely changed when she came across Weight Watchers. Becoming a member of Weight Watchers and losing weight was simply marvelous. She started to have fruits for her breakfast and salad or sandwich for lunch. For dinner she had some grilled meat and vegetables along with the food cake with fruit in her dessert. She loved the idea of Weight Watchers which says that no food should be an off limit. She also believed that as Weight Watcher it is not necessary to have only fruit and veggies to lose weight effectively. In a week she dines outside and feels satisfied that she is still living a nice healthy life. As a Weight Watcher she got a lot of support from the brand and made an aim to join two fitness classes. Her life began to change gradually as she realized that she is losing weight even though she is not dieting. The Weight Watchers program helped her lot to lose about 43 lbs in a short period of time through the proper guidance of the experts and her personal hard work and dedication. Her life changed completely as she began to feel confident and started socializing more which brought her a lot of happiness.

So this is the journey of one of the most successful Weight Watcher Megan, who is truly benefited with the help of the program. The brand believes in creating a calorie deficit rather than going for dieting. Through effective exercise plans and proper lifestyle one can lose weight. The in person meeting and the online program of the Weight Watchers are really helpful for people who are looking forward to lose weight.

General Information About Weight Watchers

Weight Watchers is one such reliable brand that can help you in effective weight loss. The services and products that the brand offers are very effective in weight loss. They are also affordable given the abundant Weight Watchers coupons and promotional offers. Weight Watchers give special discounts to organizations, communities, and universities. The basic approach of the company is to assist all the weight watchers members to lose their weight by developing certain helpful habits along with providing support towards a healthy lifestyle. Members learn to eat in a smart way and follow a proper exercise regimen rather than going for diets.

The international company was found in New York in the year 1963 and currently it operates in 30 countries across the world.


Losing weight is hard! You need the necessary resources and support. And then, once you have decided you are going to try and lose weight, deciding on a program can be even harder. Between social media and television, we are bombarded by the latest fad diets.

Nutrisystem Promo Code for February 2015 Saves you 30%

This February use the Nutrisystem coupon code SAVE30 to get a 30% discount.

Nutristem is a meal replacement diet. That means, when you join, you basically purchase 4-weeks worth of food which is delivered to your door. These 4 weeks of food cost around $300. Thankfully, Nutrisystem discounts are available almost each month. This month you can use the code SAVE30. Next month there will be another Nutrisystem coupon code available.

Audrey Lost 24 on Nutrisystem

Being successful with long term weight loss IS possible. Meet Audrey S.

Audrey was a busy mom who had tried to watch her weight in the past, without much success.

One day, she decided that the fat hanging over her jeans was reason enough to finally do something about her weight. She started the Nutrisystem diet and has lost 24 pounds! She credits the program with teaching her about portion control, but she also began to incorporate exercise into her life as well. She threw away all of her excuses, and then was able to toss out those fat jeans as well!

Her moment of victory was when she was able to easily fit into a sexy pair of skinny jeans. She loves being able to shop for smaller sizes, but more importantly, she loves the extra energy she has to keep up with her busy family.

Jason Lost 249 on Nutrisystem

Jason B. of Quincy, Illinois can agree with the need for as much energy as possible when raising a family. Like many of us, Jason began packing on the pounds in college. By the time Jason and his wife were considering having a second baby, Jason tipped the scales at 437 pounds.

Not only did he not have any energy, he was worried about the real possibility of not being around for his wife and children if he didn't get his weight under control. After some research on the various weight loss options, Jason started the Nutrisystem diet a few years ago.

Jason knew that to lose as much weight as he needed to, his journey would need to be less about dieting and more about changing his lifestyle. Because of his weight, he was not only limited in how much he could play with his daughter, but he had given up golf and other sports.

When Jason started the program, he made a long term goal of running a 5K. He started out barely being able to kick the ball around in the backyard, but after losing 249 pounds he was able to complete his first 5K and he is back to golfing!
Both Jason and Audrey credit the Nutrisystem diet with, not only teaching them about portion control, but also with giving them their energetic healthy lives back!

If these two stories have inspired you, then consider joining Nutrisystem. They have over 30 years of experience in the weight loss field. Use Nutrisystem discount code SAVE30.

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