It was in 2010 when I first understood the potential of coupons. It was my Eureka moment! It struck me hard how well the coupons can be used for saving. From then on, I’ve never turned back.

If you have stumbled upon this blog, then I presume you are like me, trying to save a buck on your every purchase. If you are, then welcome to the world of coupons and smart living. Here you’ll explore the potential of coupons which can change the way you lead your life. You will learn to follow the smart living principles. Hang in here, there is a lot to learn!

I’m not a person who encourages frugal living, but I’m a person who encourages smart living. And that is what I write in this blog. Smart living. If you are smart in your living, then you don’t need to be frugal. If you are frugal, then the way I see it, you aren’t smart enough in your living. This blog is written with the sole purpose of teaching you and sharing with you, my experiences of smart living, by using, you guessed it right, coupons!

Bank on my perception, frugal living is less buying and smart living is more saving. They aren’t the same. There are hundreds of coupons which catch our eyes daily. Few from your retail store, few from the super markets and many, these days, from the online stores. They bombard us via text messages, emails, Newsletters, Newspaper cuttings and many more. There sheer number is one big reason for most people to ignore them. But there is a way to avoid that mess, there is a way to organize the coupons well, there is a way to live smart. It’s our way, the “Coupon Today” way!

With years of experience in couponing, I write this blog, to help all my fellow Americans, in saving more and living more. If you are a federal employee like me, you have special discounts by several stores and organizations. The blog is written to connect with all those people out there who are looking for smart saving techniques. Explore the blog, ask questions, get answers and follow the smart and better way of living. I’d love if you stayed here!

Happy Couponing!

Lausanne Frederic